9 At room temperature, N2S2 readily polymerizes to form (SN)x,

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supreme hats So what is the correct bonding and structure of N2S2? According to Greenwood and Earnshaw [1], the geometry of the N2S2 molecule is supreme Snapbacks, indeed, almost exactly a square, in spite of the disparity in the sizes of the S and N atoms: The S N bond lengths, determined from X ray diffraction studies, are 165.1 and 165.7 pm, the S N S bond angle is 90.4 while the N S N angle is 89.9 At room temperature, N2S2 readily polymerizes to form (SN)x, which is metallic. At very low temperatures (0.33K), the polymer becomes superconducting. There is consequently much about the electronic structure of this system to warrant a close study of the N2S2 monomer itself.. supreme hats

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