But his latest project has more to do with life off the field

But his latest project has more to do with life off the field. He has co written a new book with his wife Lauren Dungy of more than 31 years. It’s called, “Uncommon Marriage: Learning About Lasting Love and Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Together.” And they are together with us in our bureau in New York.

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Sector performance. Overall, the Worldwide Interactive Entertainment segment was up mid single digits in the September quarter, a composite of greater than 20% growth in Digital, offset by an 18% decline in packaged goods. Calendar year to date, the Western World packaged goods market was down 12%, that comprised of a 6% decline in high definition platforms, and a 20% decline in standard definition platforms.

SABMiller is undervalued as it is trading at only 2.7 times book value per share. It has a nice double digit profit margin of 16.75%, earnings per share of $1.68, and an operating cash flow of $3.42 billion. It is expected to grow earnings annually at 8.8% for the next five years.

Go For Wand was a spectacular bay filly who drew much comparison to Ruffian, right up to and including her fatal breakdown in the 1990 Breeders’ Cup Distaff during a stretch battle with champion older mare Bayakoa. While all track breakdowns are tragic, hers was particularly horrific due to the national live television coverage of the Breeders’ Cup, as well as her fall occurring in the stretch in front of thousands of fans. She rose from the track and began heading toward the winner’s circle, but track personnel were able to stop her and she was ultimately euthanized trackside.


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